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Apple Butter canning jar, 1/2 scale
The lid does not come off.   Label has handwritten applebutter and the date on front.  ..
Belfast Sink, 1/24"
2"w by 1-1/2" h by 7/8" deep ..
Cake Stand, half scale
Half Scale cake stand is lead free pewter from Warwick Miniatures. ..
Candy Bowl pierced, 1/2"
china bowl has detail.  looks pretty sitting on table with candy or if your into healthy add..
Canning Jar of Cherries, 1/2 scale
hand written label with Cherries and the date.   Lid is glued in place ..
Cherry topped cake, 1/24" scale
Cherry top cake is half scale. This cake is sitting on a penny. ..
Dish Drain in green in half scale
This dish drain is a lovely detail that will sit next to your sink.   The plates in each dra..
Dish Drain with dishes, half scale
This dish drain is a lovely detail that will sit next to your sink.   The plates in each dra..
Dish Drain, blue in half scale
This dish drain is a lovely detail that will sit next to your sink.   The plates in each dra..
Dish set white with gold rim, 1/2 scale
Four plates, four bowls and four bread/dessert dishes all in white with gold rim. ..
Double Sink, 1/2"
The plastic molded sink is silver in color and ready for installation.   Accepts paint ..
Drinking Glasses, 1/2" scale
Drinking glasses are glass and can be filled.  Set of four. ..
Eating utensil set
Thin metal is laser cut and includes four each forks, knifes and spoons.   Metal can be..
English Stove, 1/2
measures 1 5/8w x 7/8d x 1 5/8h   resin. no moving parts ..
Faucet set, half scale
Tap and waste from Dijon Miniatures.  ..
Glass Pitcher, 1/24 scale
This  glass pitcher is small enough to be a 1/2 scale pitcher or a one inch scale measuring ..
Green beans in jar, no label, 1/2 scale
looks like whole green beans in the jar.   no label and lid is glued in place  Jar is o..
Kitchen chair kit, 1/2"
wood kit from Bauder pine. ..
Kitchen Stove, 1/24
This stove is resin and can be used as is or sanded and painted.  Decals for&..
Kitchen Utensils set
Thin metal is lazer cut and paintable.    This sheet is approx 3 inch square an..
Lattice apple pie, 1/2 inch scale
This apple pie sits on a penny to show size.  Lattice top. ..
muffin pans, 1/2
muffin pans are 1/2 scale.   includes 2 pans for those muffins! ..
pie plates, 1/2
pie plates  set of four ..
plate, cup and saucer, 1/2 scale
cup, plate and saucer is painted metal . ..
Refrigerator, 1/24
modern frig is resin which means it sands and paints well.  ..
Retro Frig, 1/2 scale
Who remembers this style?  Door doesn't open.    Resin accepts paint and..
Single Kitchen Sink, 1/2"
single silver sink-say it three times fast.   Plastic sink easily trims to fit and a..
Small copper casserole
Stock pot,  1/2 or 1/4
This tiny stock is aged in golden with green  and works in half as well as quarter scale. ..
Teapot set, 1/2
painted metal teaset includes teapot, creamer and sugar bowl with removable lid. ..
Wall clock, 1/48
Painted metal coocoo clock has rectangle clock box.    clock has no moving parts.&..
Radiator, 1/2 scale
Finally, a radiator to keep those half scale toes warm! Metal radiator measures 1/4 deep..
Dutch Oven, 1/24th
Dutch oven in cast iron look, 1/2 scale ..
Pie plate, 1/24"
Pie plate -   2 plates are waiting for your crust and filling. ..
Chocolate Cake, 1/24"
Chocolate Cake with out cake stand,  is calorie free! Intended for your dollhouse mini..
Cake Stand, 1/24" scale
Cake stand.  Glass.    Cake sold seperately  ..
Food Prep Set in 1/24" scale
Food Prep set is paintable .    1/2 scale ..
Cookware set, 1/24"
Cookware set.   paintable.    stove is sold seperately ..
Utensils, 1/24", 6 pc set
Utensils for the kitchen.   paintable and adds details to your miniature kitchen &..
Stock pot, 1/24th
Stock pot with a vintage look  approx. 3/8" dia. ..
Lidded Tankard, 1/24"
Lidded Tankard is paintable and hinge works ..
knife set in 1/24"
3 pc knife set   for your half scale scene.  English pewter is paintable and lead ..
Goblet 1/24 scale
globlet  can be painted or aged ..
Barrel, 1/24"
Aged barrel in 1/2 scale for your vineyard, tudor kitchen, pub, or just to place in a garden. ..