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Misc. pieces

Sold alone and not part of a set.  Sometimes these are stray pieces and not painted.



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Black dog sitting, 1/144
same as white dog just painted black. ..
Brass Clock Face, small
face is about the size of a dime and is ectched on one side.  reccommend using metal prim..
brown dog sitting, 1/144th
same dog as white and black .  brown painted metal ..
Christmas Tree, 1/144
what scene is complete without a tree?   This metal tree is painted and decorated  ..
Clock Face medium
about the size of a penny this face is brass etched on one side and includes hands and brad. ..
Clock Face, Large
Measures the size of a nickle Brass clock face includes hands and brass brad.  Brass is ..
metal mini is painted black with silver trim   fairly large piece though it fits i..
Cuckoo Clock, 1/4 scale
wall mount cuckoo clock is painted metal and is not a working clock. This is an ad..
Deacon Bench, 1/144th
This metal Deacon's Bench is painted ..
Deer head, 1/4 scale
metal deer's head is painted   size is suitable for 1/4 scale.   Note there a..
Fireplace with candles and clock, 1/144
fireplace with clock and candles.  painted metal miniatures is an adult collectable and..
Fireplace, 1/144
painted metal , 1/144 scale  brick is red and mantel is brown ..
Heat stove
pictured on left.    vent pipe into wall.  painted metal ..
Heat Stove potbelly
Metal mini is painted black.   Potbelly shaped with vent pipe into wall ..
muffin pans, 1/2
muffin pans are 1/2 scale.   includes 2 pans for those muffins! ..
Piano, 1/144
metal miniature piano is painted and includes a stool ..
pie plates, 1/2
pie plates  set of four ..
plate, cup and saucer, 1/2 scale
cup, plate and saucer is painted metal . ..
Ram's head mount, 1/4 scale
This metal ram's head is 1/4 scale ..
sewing machine painted, 1/48 scale
metal black sewing machine is painted with yellow, red and green.  quarter scale  bo..
sewing machine, 1/4 scale
Quarter Scale metal sewing machine is painted black ..
Silver small chain, 12 inch length
Tiny Silver chain comes in 12 or 24 inch length.  18 links per inch. ..
sitting cat, 1/144th
calm kitty is painted metal. Choice of black, white or brown.  State choice of color upon..
sitting dog, 1/144th
painted metal sitting dog ..
Standing Cat, 1/144
Black painted metal mini cat is standing.  tail is straight.   You can almost hear..
Teapot set, 1/2
painted metal teaset includes teapot, creamer and sugar bowl with removable lid. ..
Tiny Gold chain 12 inch length
Tiny gold chain comes in 12 or 24 inch length.  18 links per inch. ..
Tiny Gold Chain 24 inch length
Tiny gold chain comes in 12 or 24 inch length.  18 links per inch. ..
Wall clock, 1/48
Painted metal coocoo clock has rectangle clock box.    clock has no moving parts.&..