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1/4 scale cat, brown
1/4 scale cat, Gray 4698
1/4 scale cat, orange
Bath tub, 1/2"
plastic, white tub is ready for paint or use as is.  This tub has no base or feet ..
Bead and Board Hollow/Wainscot, 1/24
1/8" space between bead.   More detail than the board and batten.  More detailed p..
Bedroom set, 5 pcs 1/4 scale
 Set includes bed,2 piece dresser, night table and wardrobe.    ..
Black and white hound, quarter scale
This hound is relaxing and will look at home on your quarter scale front porch or in front of a f..
Black and White tile, 1/2
Classic Black and White glossy, embossed cardstock.  cuts well with straight edge and applie..
Black Diamond Tile, 1/2
black diamond pattern on glossy, embossed cardstock makes this easy to apply to walls or floor.&n..
Blue and White Tile, 1/2
blue and white glossy, embossed cardstock applies white Weldbond brand white glue or tacky. ..
Blue Diamond Tile Sheet, 1/2
White tile with blue diamond shape between.  applies with Weldbond Brand white glue or ..
Brass or Iron bed, quarter scale
this plastic brass style bed frame is ready for your paint.   Like all of Grandt lines produ..
Bronze door knob with keys, 1/24 scale
includes three pairs ..
Cake Stand, half scale
Half Scale cake stand is lead free pewter from Warwick Miniatures. ..
Cedar shingles, fish scale-1/12 scale
  fish scale cedar shingles age naturally and beautifully on your project.    ..
Cedar shingles, fishscale 1/12 scale, 140 pcs
This small pack of cedar shingles are great for the small project or a repair job.    ..
Cherry topped cake, 1/24" scale
Cherry top cake is half scale. This cake is sitting on a penny. ..
Conservatory Kit, half scale
This half scale conservatory is an easy kit to assemble.   PVA glue is included and the..
Conservatory, half scale
This is the same kit as the Dks1012 only it's assembled for you. Hinged door and top panels open ..
Crown, half scale
1/4" x 24" ..
Delft Tile Sheet, 1/2
For use on wall or floor these glossy, embossed, cardstock tile sheets are easy to use ..
Dish set white with gold rim, 1/2 scale
Four plates, four bowls and four bread/dessert dishes all in white with gold rim. ..
Door knob with key, 1/24th
includes key  suitable for entry or interior door. 6 keys and knobs with plates ..
Door Knobs, 1/24th
brass door knobs. ..
Double window, quarter scale
This window is called a 9 over 1 for the simple fact that there is 9 panes on top of one pane. &n..
Drinking Glasses, 1/2" scale
Drinking glasses are glass and can be filled.  Set of four. ..
Drop Leaf Table, 1/24  Sale
Drop leaf table is walnut and measures when open 1 3/8 H x 2 3/16 W x 1 1/2 D   four hi..
Farmhouse finished, half scale
This farmhouse is finished and ready to move in.   The shingles are painted gray which ..
Fireplace Screen, 1/48
Fish scale cedar shingles, 1/2 scale
  Cedar shingles age naturally and beautifully on your project.    apply with ..
Fishscale shingle strip, 1/12
Flower Tile, 1/2
beige background with flowers in the same glossy, embossed cardstock.  6 x 3 1/2 size and ap..
Garden Hose,1/24
hose is not glued in place which means you can use it any way you'd like.  Leave the hose ly..
Glass Pitcher, 1/24 scale
This  glass pitcher is small enough to be a 1/2 scale pitcher or a one inch scale measuring ..
Handrail, 1/2 scale
12 inch wood handrail matches the handrail on staircase kit hwh7000   1 pc each ..
Interior Door, quarter Scale
Grandt Line interior door with frame paints up well and adds interest to a room.   This styl..
Iron head and foot boards, quarter scale
Grandt line brand is plastic and very easily painted. ..
Kitchen set, 1/48
plastic furniture set is sandable and paintable ..
Kitchen Sink unit,1/24**
two doors and two drawers open   sink "bowl" is removable   ..
Kitchen Stove, 1/24
This stove is resin and can be used as is or sanded and painted.  Decals for&..
Library set, 1/48
this set is sandable and paintable ..
Porch Post, Quarter Scale
Grandt Line porch posts include a newel post.   As in all Grandt Line products they paint up..
Radiator, 1/12"
metal radiator ..
Ram's head mount, 1/4 scale
This metal ram's head is 1/4 scale ..
Refrigerator, 1/24
modern frig is resin which means it sands and paints well.  ..
sewing machine painted, 1/48 scale
metal black sewing machine is painted with yellow, red and green.  quarter scale  bo..
Single Kitchen Sink, 1/2"
single silver sink-say it three times fast.   Plastic sink easily trims to fit and a..
Single window 2 over 1, quarter scale
This window is called a 2 over 1 because it's got two panes over one bottom pane.  Paints ni..
Sofa and chair set, 1/24
Half scale sofa and chair kit by Bauder-Pine ..
Table setting for 4, 1/2 scale
the table setting as shown includes 4 place mats, 4 china plates, 4 wine glasses, 4 forks, k..
Toilet, 1/2"
toilet is resin and has no moving parts.  sandable and paintable. ..
Traditional non working window in half scale
offered in houseworks or classics ..