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1930's Kitchen set
Metal Miniatures are painted and includes Roper style stove, wall sink and frig ..
Double Sink, 1/2"
The plastic molded sink is silver in color and ready for installation.   Accepts paint ..
Kitchen chair kit, 1/2"
wood kit from Bauder pine. ..
Kitchen set, 1/48
plastic furniture set is sandable and paintable ..
Kitchen Stove, 1/24
This stove is resin and can be used as is or sanded and painted.  Decals for&..
Micro kitchen
matchbox size 3 piece kitchen set ..
Single Kitchen Sink, 1/2"
single silver sink-say it three times fast.   Plastic sink easily trims to fit and a..
Tavern Table, 1/2"
wood kit by Cassidy Creations/Bauder Pine CC5039 or bp2003 ..
Kitchen set 1950's
3 piece set painted white.  stove, sink, frig ..
Apple, 1/24
1/24th scale dollhouse kitchen wallpaper ..
Dutch Oven, 1/24th
Dutch oven in cast iron look, 1/2 scale ..
Pie plate, 1/24"
Pie plate -   2 plates are waiting for your crust and filling. ..
Chocolate Cake, 1/24"
Chocolate Cake with out cake stand,  is calorie free! Intended for your dollhouse mini..
Cake Stand, 1/24" scale
Cake stand.  Glass.    Cake sold seperately  ..
Food Prep Set in 1/24" scale
Food Prep set is paintable .    1/2 scale ..
Cookware set, 1/24"
Cookware set.   paintable.    stove is sold seperately ..
Utensils, 1/24", 6 pc set
Utensils for the kitchen.   paintable and adds details to your miniature kitchen &..
Stock pot, 1/24th
Stock pot with a vintage look  approx. 3/8" dia. ..
Lidded Tankard, 1/24"
Lidded Tankard is paintable and hinge works ..
knife set in 1/24"
3 pc knife set   for your half scale scene.  English pewter is paintable and lead ..
Drinking Glasses, 1/12
clear glasses in one inch scale. ..
Cups and Saucers,1/12
12 cups and saucers in plastic from Chrynsbon.  Use paint and or decals for a pers..
Salad Plates and Soup Bowls
Soup bowls and salad plates in white plastic from Chrynsbon.  12 of each Tip-Change the ..
Dinner Plates, 1/12"
12 white plastic dinner plates from Chrynsbon   ..
Teaset 1/24 scale
Pewter Teaset is paintable ..
Silverware set, 1/24th scale
Silverware set includes 4 forks,4 knives and 4 spoons  accessories are sold seperately ..
Tankard 1/24th
What bar or pub is complete without a few tankards? ..
Canister Set in 1/24 scale **sold out
8 pc set Crafted by Sam Dunlap ..
Cake Plate, 1/12"
glass,   for a two tier stand glue a 1/2" cake stand on top of the one inch. ..
Candy Bowl,1/12"
handcrafted by P.Grenyer ..
Goblet 1/24 scale
globlet  can be painted or aged ..
Barrel, 1/24"
Aged barrel in 1/2 scale for your vineyard, tudor kitchen, pub, or just to place in a garden. ..