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0.7mm metal glue tip
medium 0.7mm is metal, very useful for glue bottles. ..
12 inch corked back ruler  SAE and Metric
Units: 12" (SAE) & 300mm( Metric) • Non Skid Cork Backing • Stainless Steel Material ..
20pc Micro drill set
safely stored in a plastic case.   select your size that's marked on the side. ..
3 arm candle stick
nice touch for your dollhouse decor.  brass 3 arm candle holder and white candles. One inch ..
3 piece carving set in one inch scale
This 3 pc carving set is by Warwick Miniatures and is made in England with lead free pewter. ..
4.5 inch splinter tweezers
four and half inch splinter tweezers are handy for the removing of splinters and very handy for u..
5 arm Candelabra
6 inch Jeweler's ring clamp
Handy for a variety of Items besides rings • Size: 6” x 1-1/4” Dia. • Wedge is used for apply..
A Trio of Witches
These tiny witches are brewing up trouble.  They are standing holding their broom and made o..
Alligator Clips, 2 inch 12 piece set
Fine assortment and opens 1/2'' strong griping power, color coated for easy indentification. Grea..
Angel set
Clay angels have delicate wings.   Adds a sweet touch of the Holiday spirit anywhere yo..
Bath set with blue flower, 1/12
This set included toilet, tub and sink.  Each piece is porcelain and features a blue flower...
bathroom set, 1/48
plastic set is sandable and paintable ..
Bathroom Set, 4pc porcelain 1/12"
Very affordable bathroom set. Recommended for adult collectibles.  ..
Belfast Sink, 1/24"
2"w by 1-1/2" h by 7/8" deep ..
Black Walnut Flooring,
Black Walnut flooring is paper back and easy to install.   Cuts with scissors or knife&..
Brass colored candle stick pair
This brass colored candle stick pair adds a nice touch to your dollhouse decor.   Candl..
Brass Non-magnetic 5 inch tweezers
Great for watchmakers, as well as jewelers. These are sharp and anti-magnetic style.  •..
Cake Stand, half scale
Half Scale cake stand is lead free pewter from Warwick Miniatures. ..
Candle holder pair, silver one inch
Silver color candle stick pair adds a nice touch for your side table, buffet, dining table or boo..
Castrevej spring 4.50”
Castrevej spring 4.50”  ..
Cherry topped cake, 1/24" scale
Cherry top cake is half scale. This cake is sitting on a penny. ..
Clay roller
call it a pasta press or clay roller but what ever you call it it's pretty done handy!  &nbs..
Corgi red and white, Half scale
a red and white Corgi in half scale  ..
Deluxe Jewelers saw
Adjustable jewelers saw  ..
Dining room set, 1/48
This plastic furniture set can be sanded and painted. ..
Drinking Glasses, 1/2" scale
Drinking glasses are glass and can be filled.  Set of four. ..
Engraving Tool
Darice® engraving pen is perfect for decorating glass, metal, plastic, leather, wood, and labelin..
Farm Sink 1/12
White porcelain with metal legs.   Adult collectible. ..
Faucet set, half scale
Tap and waste from Dijon Miniatures.  ..
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate,
Embossed paper is white and measures approx. 13-3/4 by 9-7/8 inches.   This paper can b..
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate,
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate ..
Fine Point tweezers, 3.25 inches
fine point tweezers are 3.25 " in length. I choose color available if no note is left in the comm..
Gemstone tweezers, 6.5"
Really nice with special tips,  to where the inside of the jaws have a non-slick surface. Th..
Glass Pitcher, 1/24 scale
This  glass pitcher is small enough to be a 1/2 scale pitcher or a one inch scale measuring ..
Gray Kitten, 1/12 or 1/24
Lattice apple pie, 1/2 inch scale
This apple pie sits on a penny to show size.  Lattice top. ..
Library set, 1/48
this set is sandable and paintable ..
Memory Wire Cutter, 5"
• Memory Wire Cutter - Cuts upto 0.8mm memory wire • Torsion Spring - Helps with pressure c..
metal fireplace screen in half scale
Needle files, 6pc set
• 6pc Set Includes: Round, Equaling, Half Round, Knife, Square, Three Square • Length: 5-1/2” ..
Pan and Brush, 1/12th
Both have wooden handles, Brush has soft bristles. ..
Passel of Penguins
You'll get 6 penguins each wearing a different colored scarf.  There's enough penguins to fo..
Precision tip 4"  Anti-magnetic
Precision tip 4 inch sharp tip  tweezers are anti-magnetic. ..
Precision Tip Tweezer, 4.75 inch Anti-Magnetic
Similar to our other watchmaker tweezers, these ''taper down'' smoothly. Many uses, such as: mach..
railing 3" by 12"
1 railing per package.  For use on the porch or stairwell opening ..
Santa Claus A
This Santa sits nicely and made of polymer type clay.   Each Santa is just a bit differ..
Santa Claus E
This Santa sits nicely and made of polymer type clay.   Each Santa is just a bit differ..
Single bed with night stand, 1/12
Single bed and nightstand is white and wooden.  Fabric mattress cover can easily be changed ..
small pumpkin set
Set includes 4 small pumpkins.  Small enough to use in any scale.  Pumpkins has small v..
Spring Clamp 6 pc set
Heavy-duty, opens to 3/4'', chrome plated steel jaws, tempered steel springs, PVC dipped handles,..
Stainless Steel 2.5" scissors
• Length 2.5'' • Stainless Steel • Straight Blade  The affordable price allows the c..