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Pretty Pleater, 1:12
    The Pretty Pleater is made of rubber that holds up to the heat and steam of..
Purple thumb crossover tweezer
add a splash of color to your tools with this purple thumb pad angled crossover tweezer.  &n..
Quarter Round 1/16
Quarter Round, 1/8 inch
24 inches long ..
Quarter round, 3/32 inch
24 inches long ..
Quick Drying Liquid Cement for Plastics
1 oz. Fast-Drying Liquid Cement with Precision Applicator Use for polystyrene and ABS plastic ..
Radiator, 1/12"
metal radiator ..
railing 3" by 12"
1 railing per package.  For use on the porch or stairwell opening ..
Ram's head mount, 1/4 scale
This metal ram's head is 1/4 scale ..
Random Planks Red Oak
Red Oak in random planks.  Papered back sheet measures 11" x 17 inches.  May be sanded ..
razer saw set, handle and 1 blade
Realistic Water, 16 fl.oz
More coming soon! Realistic water is so easy to use.    use straight out of the ..
Red Oak Flooring, 11x17
Red Oak flooring is 11 by 17 inches. Paper backed makes installation easy and cuts with knife or ..
Refrigerator, 1/24
modern frig is resin which means it sands and paints well.  ..
Removable glue dots
You get 60 removable glue dots in this package.  Each dot is half an inch.   I've not t..
Residence Door with oval window, 1/4 scale
Very Low inventory please email or call for update fits opening .750 x 2.100 ..
Retro Frig, 1/2 scale
Who remembers this style?  Door doesn't open.    Resin accepts paint and..
Round brass tube, 1/16 by 12"
Brass tube has inside dimension of 1/16 inch and is 12 inches in length. Sold per tube   Mos..
Round Cabinet Knobs, 6 pk
Knobs for cabinets in one inch scale .  These are useful ..
Round table with 2 chairs
Metal miniature round table is painted and includes 2 chairs ..
Santa Claus A
This Santa sits nicely and made of polymer type clay.   Each Santa is just a bit differ..
Santa Claus E
This Santa sits nicely and made of polymer type clay.   Each Santa is just a bit differ..
Sawbuck table, half scale
Bauder pine kits are available to half inch scale.  This Sawbuck table can fit into many roo..
Scenic Accents glue
Scenic Accents glue will hold your landscaping material to the base where you want it!   Ver..
scenic cement
16 oz bottle of cement for use with foam, flock, brush and general landscaping.   Mo..
Scenic Glue, 8 fl. oz.
more information to coming ..
Seaside Cottage  NEW SOLD OUT
Wood laser cut 1/144 kit.   This is the new kit from Northeastern scale we've been wait..
Self Healing Cut Mat, 4 inch
Green, 4" x 4" image shown is not to scale the mat is 4 inch sq the grid and ruler printed on..
Self healing cut mat, 5x9"
Green mat has printed grid on one side,  measures 5 x 9 overall ..
Self healing cutting mat set 6x9
Self healing cutting mat set by Alvin includes a knife and 5 #11 blades ..
Self Healing mat with knife
includes knife with extra #11 blades  by Excel ..
sewing machine painted, 1/48 scale
metal black sewing machine is painted with yellow, red and green.  quarter scale  bo..
sewing machine, 1/4 scale
Quarter Scale metal sewing machine is painted black ..
Shingle Strips, 1/12 scale square
Create your own shutters or use as 1/4, 1/144 clapboard siding.   Shutter slats are on ..
Silver small chain, 12 inch length
Tiny Silver chain comes in 12 or 24 inch length.  18 links per inch. ..
Single bed with night stand, 1/12
Single bed and nightstand is white and wooden.  Fabric mattress cover can easily be changed ..
Single Kitchen Sink, 1/2"
single silver sink-say it three times fast.   Plastic sink easily trims to fit and a..
sitting cat, 1/144th
calm kitty is painted metal. Choice of black, white or brown.  State choice of color upon..
sitting dog, 1/144th
painted metal sitting dog ..
Skyy Vodka,1 inch scale bottle
one inch tall by 3/16 inch dia. ..
Slant tip tweezers 4 inches
Slate roofing Sheets
Coming soon ..
small check blue and white flooring
blue and white check no wax floor for your half scale room measures 7-3/4 by 10-3/8 inches ..
small check no-wax floor
7-3/4 X 10-3/8 ..
Small copper casserole
Small lock
small decorative flat trunk lock in brass ..
Small metal glue tip, 0.5mm
0.5mm is small glue tip ..
small pumpkin set
Set includes 4 small pumpkins.  Small enough to use in any scale.  Pumpkins has small v..
Small Scallop Gingerbread
 1/4"H x 1/16"D x 24"L ..
Sofa kit 1/24
Half scale sofa only kit by Bauder-Pine ..
Sofa, 1/2"
resin sofa by MBS is sandable and can be painted, flocked or upholstered ..