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hedge 12 inches long
The "squeeze me " hedges and trees from MBS are wonderful to work with.   Quick and easy to ..
Hedge, 1"
hedge is flexible and easy to cut and glue in place ..
hedge, 5/8"
foam is flexible and easy to cut and glue ..
Hinge no.5
Finally!!!   Back in stock!    measures 3/16 x 3/16"  2 hinges per ..
Hob-e-Tac, 2 oz
Hobby and Craft square
Hobby table vise
Aluminum body vise clamps to work surface up to 3/4 thick.   Jaw opening 1-5/16"  ..
House numbers
0-9 ..
Interior 5 panel door with trim, 1/48 scale
fits opening .735 x 1.690 ..
Interior Door, quarter Scale
Grandt Line interior door with frame paints up well and adds interest to a room.   This styl..
interior window trim, 3/8 x 24 inch
Iron head and foot boards, quarter scale
Grandt line brand is plastic and very easily painted. ..
Italianate Villa Kit, 1/144th
Features 2 floors, 8 rooms a porch and two balconies  measures approx. 5 3/8" w x 3 7/8"d x ..
Jim Beam one inch scale
Kemper Cutter, Flower
flower cutter is 3/16"   1 pc ..
Kemper Kutter Heart
3/16" clay cutter heart   1 pc ..
Kitchen chair kit, 1/2"
wood kit from Bauder pine. ..
Kitchen set, 1/48
plastic furniture set is sandable and paintable ..
Kitchen Sink unit,1/24**
two doors and two drawers open   sink "bowl" is removable   ..
Kitchen Stove, 1/24
This stove is resin and can be used as is or sanded and painted.  Decals for&..
Kitchen Utensils set
Thin metal is lazer cut and paintable.    This sheet is approx 3 inch square an..
Kitten sitting, BW
Kitten sitting, socks
kitten walking, gray
Knife blade B17
B17 knife blade comes with 5 blades.  Not intended for use by children ..
Ladder Back Chair, 1/2"
pair of plastic, ladder back chairs by MBS   chair pictured on left ..
Landscape Foam, 1/4 inch thick
This foam piece "try it size" makes a garden bed in about 10 minutes!   With a scraper or fl..
Large white check no wax floor
works well in your one inch scene or as a large tiled floor in half inch ..
Latex Common Brick Sheet, 1/24th
This latex sheet is 11"x 17" and can be cut easily with craft knife or scissors ..
Lattice apple pie, 1/2 inch scale
This apple pie sits on a penny to show size.  Lattice top. ..
Lattice, 6x8 inch
Lattice panel is 6 x 8 inches ..
LED Brass Carriage Lamp, 1/12"
LED Nano 3 volt
this nano size led is a 3 volt that will run on 2 AA batteries or a cell coin.   cell c..
LED Pico, 3volts
this small pico size led is a 3 volt that will run on 2 AA batteries or a cell coin.   ..
LED white glass table lamp, 1/12
LED lights last longer and do not get hot.  runs on a small watch battery and has an on/off ..
Library set, 1/48
this set is sandable and paintable ..
lidded vase, 1/12" scale
not signed ..
lidded vase, 1/12" scale
removeable lid, faux malachite painting ..
Living room set, 1/48
plastic set is paintable and sandable. ..
Living room set, 6pc set
Metal miniatures are painted and include two chairs, sofa, coffee table, floor lamp and grandfath..
Loctite Gel Super glue
Loctite makes great products and I'm happy to add this super glue to the list.    2 gra..
Long Trunk Lock
Love Seat, 1/2"
Love seat is resin and sandable.  easily paint, flock or upholster    by MBS ..
Magnet, 1/2 dia x 1/16"
1/2 dia by 1/16" thickness.   Adhesive back magnet is useful when you don't want to fix a pi..
Magnet, 1/4 x 1/16"
1/4 dia by 1/16" thickness.   Adhesive back magnet is useful when you don't want to fix a pi..
Magnet, 3/8 dia x 1/16" thickness adhesive backed
3/8" dia by 1/16" thickness.   Adhesive back magnet is useful when you don't want to fix a p..
Male plugs, 6pk
6 plugs in the package.  If you've bought light fixtures without a plug you will find these ..
Market Stall by Angie Scarr
This is a popular Book.  Very nice condition!   Great book for beginner to the adv..
Matchbox size living room set
This metal miniature set includes sofa, arm chair, chaise, piano and fireplace ..
Medium Duty knife K2
This medium duty knife comes with a safety cap.   K2  and accepts #11 blades as we..
Mega LED warm light with 8 inch wire
Mega LED in warm light.  One LED per package. ..
Memory Wire Cutter, 5"
• Memory Wire Cutter - Cuts upto 0.8mm memory wire • Torsion Spring - Helps with pressure c..