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Double Bead, 1/8th
Double LED Nano
Led has a front side where light shines and a back side where no light shines.  Two nano..
Double Sink, 1/2"
The plastic molded sink is silver in color and ready for installation.   Accepts paint ..
Drill bit set, 20 pcs
Nice set with indexed bits in fractions and  ..
Drinking Glasses, 1/2" scale
Drinking glasses are glass and can be filled.  Set of four. ..
E-Z water, 16oz. bag
recommended for deeper water.  Think lakes and harbors.    This is ..
Eating utensil set
Thin metal is laser cut and includes four each forks, knifes and spoons.   Metal can be..
English Springer Spaniel, 1/24*** Discontinued
low stock of this dog   ..
English Stove, 1/2
measures 1 5/8w x 7/8d x 1 5/8h   resin. no moving parts ..
Engraving Tool
Darice® engraving pen is perfect for decorating glass, metal, plastic, leather, wood, and labelin..
entry/interior door with transom, 1/48 scale
Very Low inventory  please call or email fits opening .750 x 2.100 ..
Faberge Style egg
The painting on this egg is beautiful and carried around the whole egg.  The egg is hinged a..
Fan Back Chairs, 1/2" pr
plastic chair kit is easy to assemble and paint, 1/2 scale  Chair pictured on right side ..
Fancy Pre-assembled stair kit, 1/12 scale
Farm Sink 1/12
White porcelain with metal legs.   Adult collectible. ..
Faucet set, half scale
Tap and waste from Dijon Miniatures.  ..
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate,
Embossed paper is white and measures approx. 13-3/4 by 9-7/8 inches.   This paper can b..
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate,
Faux Tin Ceiling Plate ..
Fine Point tweezers, 3.25 inches
fine point tweezers are 3.25 " in length. I choose color available if no note is left in the comm..
Fireplace tools, 1/12 scale
black metal with brass painted handle in one inch scale.   ..
Fireplace with candles and clock, 1/144
fireplace with clock and candles.  painted metal miniatures is an adult collectable and..
Fireplace with Mantle, 1/48
sandable, paintable and ready for your finishing touch ..
Fireplace, 1/144
painted metal , 1/144 scale  brick is red and mantel is brown ..
sandable and paintable and ready for your finishing touch ..
Fish scale cedar shingles, 1/2 scale
  Cedar shingles age naturally and beautifully on your project.    apply with ..
Fishscale shingle strip, 1/12
fishscale shingles, 400pcs 1/24
approx 400 pcs in bag.   Use Instant Gripp to apply. ..
Flake snow, 32 oz
  32 oz shake bottle of flaky snow.  very fine flake you can use with scenic g..
Flame tip GOR, 50 ma
Use this bulb when ever a larger and brighter flame bulb is desired.  ck1010-4 bulb may..
Flex paste, 16 oz
flex paste is used for sealing porous items that you want to hold liquid for examp..
Flower Tile, 1/2
beige background with flowers in the same glossy, embossed cardstock.  6 x 3 1/2 size and ap..
Fold out book of Birds by Pat Carlson
Matchbox size outer box holds a fold out miniature book of birds by Pat Carlson.  includes s..
Framing, 910
24" length ..
Furniture caster, 12 pack
This package includes 12 brass casters to be attached to the bottom or legs of furniture.  T..
Garden Hose,1/24
hose is not glued in place which means you can use it any way you'd like.  Leave the hose ly..
Gemstone tweezers, 6.5"
Really nice with special tips,  to where the inside of the jaws have a non-slick surface. Th..
Gingerbread trim, 1/48"
Glass metal and more
glues metal, glass, mosaics, canvas and plastics.   Clear and strong and waterproof for outd..
Glass Pitcher, 1/24 scale
This  glass pitcher is small enough to be a 1/2 scale pitcher or a one inch scale measuring ..
Glue Dots micro size
1/8 inch dots of glue, box contains 325 pcs ..
Gold plated brass door hinge, 6 sets
GOR bulb, 50ma
Grain of Rice bulb draws 40-60ma and measures just 3/32" in diameter.  8" white wire  ..
GOW bulb, 60ma
Grain of wheat (GOW)  bulb with 8 inch white wire and measure approx. 1/8" in diameter, ..
Grandt Line Chimney, 1/24
Grass Mat 18in x 27in
Green grass mat is 18 x 27 inches and paper backed.  Cuts easily with knife or scissors and ..
Grass Mat 39" x 78"
Gray Kitten, 1/12 or 1/24
Green beans in jar, no label, 1/2 scale
looks like whole green beans in the jar.   no label and lid is glued in place  Jar is o..
grip pens, 50 pack
grooved banister, 1/4 x 24"
H hinge in brass, 4 pieces