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Alligator Clips, 2 inch 12 piece set
Fine assortment and opens 1/2'' strong griping power, color coated for easy indentification. Grea..
Alvin cut mat 3.5 x 5.5 inch
Alvin cut mat is 3x5 inches.  Self healing mat is small enough to sit in a back pocket or sl..
Alvin self healing cut mat 3.5 x 5.5 inch
This Alvin cut mat is a handy size which will slide into your tool bag pocket.  Use both sid..
Angel set
Clay angels have delicate wings.   Adds a sweet touch of the Holiday spirit anywhere yo..
angle, 1/32 x 24"l
image shown is not 1/32.    ..
Angle, 1/8
image is not true size ..
Angle, 3/32
image is not to scale ..
Angle, 3/64" x x24"L
image not to scale   ..
Antique Brick Wall sheet
card stock is embossed for texture ..
Apple Butter canning jar, 1/2 scale
The lid does not come off.   Label has handwritten applebutter and the date on front.  ..
Applicator bottle
You cut off the tip of the bottle to decide what size hole you need.    You always need..
Asphalt shingles, black
Square black asphalt shingles 1 package covers 177 Sq inches  (roughly 10"x17") ..
Asphalt square shingles, gray
gray, square asphalt shingles.  one package covers 177 Sq inches (roughly 10"x17")..
Automatic shotgun 204, 1/12 scale
3-1/4 inch long.  Wood stock and metal barrel.  Adult collectible not a child's toy. &n..
Bacardi, 1/12 scale
Balusters, 12 pcs
of course you don't have to use these pieces on a stair case.   turning them over and trim o..
Balusters, 12 pcs
This style is designed to fit between the handrail and bottom rail.   Stair or paint.  ..
Bandstand Lattice
This plastic lattice accepts spray paint well.  Many uses in different scales. Some use..
Bard's Tacky Wax
Bard's tacky wax in the black jar.    tacky without the melting. ..
Barket Tweezers
4 inches Barket tweezers ..
Baseboard with quarter round
Baseboard, 7/16" x 24" l
Bath room set
Metal bath set included Tub, sink and toilet  painted white. ..
Bath set with blue flower, 1/12
This set included toilet, tub and sink.  Each piece is porcelain and features a blue flower...
Bath set-micro size
matchbox size set is painted white and includes tub,sink and toilet ..
Bath tub, 1/2"
plastic, white tub is ready for paint or use as is.  This tub has no base or feet ..
bathroom set, 1/48
plastic set is sandable and paintable ..
Bathroom Set, 4pc porcelain 1/12"
Very affordable bathroom set. Recommended for adult collectibles.  ..
Bead and Board Hollow/Wainscot, 1/24
1/8" space between bead.   More detail than the board and batten.  More detailed p..
Bead Board
quarter inch bead.   works well as wainscot and cabinetry ..
Bed room set, 1/48
plastic furniture is sandable and paintable ..
Bed room set has three resin pieces.  May be sanded and painted for your designer look. ..
bedroom set-matchbox size
Painted metal set includes bed, wardrobe and dresser ..
Belfast Sink, 1/24"
2"w by 1-1/2" h by 7/8" deep ..
Black and white hound, quarter scale
This hound is relaxing and will look at home on your quarter scale front porch or in front of a f..
Black and White quarter scale cat, 4704bw
Black and White tile, 1/2
Classic Black and White glossy, embossed cardstock.  cuts well with straight edge and applie..
Black Diamond Tile, 1/2
black diamond pattern on glossy, embossed cardstock makes this easy to apply to walls or floor.&n..
Black dog sitting, 1/144
same as white dog just painted black. ..
Black vase, 1/12
I'm not sure who's signature is on the bottom though it looks like JMC.  Vase is black ..
Black Walnut Flooring,
Black Walnut flooring is paper back and easy to install.   Cuts with scissors or knife&..
Blades #19 5 pk
Blade #19 works well in the heavy duty knife handle #5.   5 blades in pack.  Not i..
Bleached pile of skulls
This resin skull pile is approx. 2-1/2 inches tall. and approx 2-1/4 wide ..
Blue and White Tile, 1/2
blue and white glossy, embossed cardstock applies white Weldbond brand white glue or tacky. ..
Blue Diamond Tile Sheet, 1/2
White tile with blue diamond shape between.  applies with Weldbond Brand white glue or ..
blue small check tile flooring
blue no wax floor for your half scale room measures 7-3/4 by 10-3/8 inches ..
Bonnie Lavish Iris kit, Lavender
I have one Iris kit to offer!   ..
Bonnie Lavish Pink Geranium kit
Bonnie Lavish Pink Geranium kit   Only 1 available  ..
Bonnie Lavish Poinsettia kit
10 of the Poinsettia kits available ..
Bowl, Catherine Last, 1/12 scale
Emily Good Bowl with Faux finish by Cathy Last. ..
Bowls, 1/12" scale
Black bowl has a K stamped into bottom,   Bowls are primed wood ..
Brass Bed set
This painted set is metal and include Brass bed, highboy, lowboy and dresser ..