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Tweezers and Scissors

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12 inch extra long tweezers
12 inch extra long tweezers ..
Craft scissors, 2-1/2 inch
small sharp scissors are a must when cutting out decals and fine detail work.    Lifeti..
Gemstone tweezers, 6.5"
sharp 6.5 inch.    has serrated end tip  and stainless steel. ..
Purple thumb crossover tweezer
add a splash of color to your tools with this purple thumb pad angled crossover tweezer.  &n..
Slant tip tweezers 4 inches
Titanium 6 inch scissors with GRAY handle
the 6-inch Westcott® spring assisted scissors for your paper and fabric craft projects. Featuring..
Titanium Detail cut scissors by Westcott, 4 inch
Small scissors are so handy and a must have in your tool box.   Lifetime warranty by Westcot..
Stainless Steel 5" forceps
5" forceps ..
Mini tweezers
Only 2.5" long ..
Mini needle nose tweezers
only 2.5" long ..
Pearl Tweezer
Cupped ends are sealed so beads and pearls won't get scratched. ..
cup end tweezer
cup end tweezer is smaller than pearl tweezer and works well on beads. ..
watch makers tweezers
Watch Makers Tweezer ..
Straight Thumb dressing tweezers
6 inches long ..
Stamp decal tweezer
Stamp or decal tweezer  Straight 4" ..
bent stamp or decal tweezer
bent 4" tweezer for stamp or decal ..
College Tweezer  curved ..
straight self locking tweezer
self locking tweezers   straight 5" ..
angle self locking tweezer
angled 5" self locking tweezer ..
Angled Tip 10"
10" angled tip tweezer ..
Mini watch maker
Mini watch maker is 3.5" curved ..
The Big Scoop
Big scoop on one end helps scoop up beads, foam, glitter and all sorts of craft matter. Tweezers ..
Angular Precision Tweezer
Angular tweezers 4 1/2 inch ..