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Blades, Saws, Cutting

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#4/0 Saw blade 72 tpi
20pc Micro drill set
safely stored in a plastic case.   select your size that's marked on the side. ..
Craft scissors, 2-1/2 inch
small sharp scissors are a must when cutting out decals and fine detail work.    Lifeti..
Cutting Mat Set by Studio 71, 5 by 7 inches
Why do I get excited by a small cutting mat set? How could I pass this up?   It's a small si..
Deluxe Jewelers saw
Adjustable jewelers saw  ..
Drill bit set, 20 pcs
Nice set with indexed bits in fractions and  ..
Mini router bits, 10 bits
this set includes 10 mini router bits, 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" straight bits.  3/16" and 1/..
razer saw set, handle and 1 blade
razer saw set, handle and 2 blades
Studio 71 cutting mat set, 9 by 12 inches
I love tools!   If it's a useful gadget even better!  I'm excited to offer Studio 71 pr..
Titanium Detail cut scissors by Westcott, 4 inch
Small scissors are so handy and a must have in your tool box.   Lifetime warranty by Westcot..
Tubing Cutter
V-Slot bench pin and clamp
7-1/2" by 2-1/2"   Depth 2-3/4.    metal and wood ..
Xacto Knife in Pink
20 pc mini diamond bit set, 1/8" dia
1/8" dia shaft diamond burr. grits 120-150   useful when working with ceramics, ti..
Pin Vise with 12 assorted drill bits
12 drill bits come with this pin vise.    bits are stored in handle ..
Double end pin vise
includes 4 different collets and is double ended.  Very handy when drilling different size h..
saw blade, 54tpi
54 teeth per inch.   More teeth per inch a saw blade has makes for a smo..
saw blade, 46/42 tpi
mitre box saw blade  42 or 46 teeth per inch.   this blade is 1.25" deep. &nb..
saw blade for mitre box, 24 tpi
24 teeth per inch saw blade.   fits knife #5 and with mitrebox mw1136/mw1135 as well as..
easy mitrebox
mitre box   use the pegs to hold your work while you cut ..
Easy Mitre Box Deluxe
mitre box deluxe comes with pegs to hold your work and knife with blade. ..
Easy  Cutter Ultimate
easy cutter ultimate ..
Easy Cutter
Easy Cutter   ..
Super Easy cutter
Super easy cutter great for your tool box ..
Aluminum Mitre box
mitre box ..
mitre box set
mitre box and saw    Proedge or Excel brand depending on availablity.  ..
easy grip knife
K18 Grip on Knife   includes 5 blades #11    current color may not refle..
Craft Knife
light duty craft knife ..
heavy duty craft knife
#5 knife works with mitre box saw blades ..
knife blades, #11
#11  blades   5 blades per pack ..
Scalpel handle with blades
Scalpel handle with two blades ..
Self healing cut mat
self healing cut mat appr. 6x9" ..
cut mat, 4 x 4 inch
Self healing cut mat.    4x4" size is handy for your tool box. ..
Premium Quality Diagonal Cutter
cuts up to 2mm memory wire ..
Mini Diagonal Cutter
Mini Diagonal Cutter.  carbon steel can cut 1mm thick memory wire picture may differ ..
Flush Cutter
Flush cutter for removing spurs from molded parts arrive in orange or blue handle ..
Needle Nose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers.    smooth jaw. ..
saw blades
saw blades work with knives 1 and 5 handles.   Cuts nicely in paper mache, gourds and f..
Knife blades
#10 blades   5 blades in pk ..
#11 blades
#11 knife blades    5 pcs       depending on availab..
6 pc pin vise
narrow, stainless steel ..