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Animals, Half Scale

All Animals listed here are in 1/24th inch scale.  Most of these animals are able to be used in 1/12 scale as well. 
Some of the kittens are small enough to look good in 1/48th

NEW Cats and Dogs for quarter scale.   These little pets will have a seperate category.

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Cat chow and litter, 1/2
Cat Chow and Kitty Litter in 1/2 scale ..
Chickens, 12 pcs  1:24
Chickens are white and are paintable which allows you to decide what breed you would like your fl..
Chickens, 1:48
You get 24 white paintable chickens to start your quarter scale flock.   ..
Corgi red and white, Half scale
a red and white Corgi in half scale  ..
English Springer Spaniel, 1/24*** Discontinued
low stock of this dog   ..
miniature Golden Retr. mix ..
Gray Kitten, 1/12 or 1/24
dog chow, 1/2
Dog Chow bag in 1/24 ..
sleeping puppy
yellow lab puppy in 1/24th scale ..
Yellow Lab Lying 1/24th scale***Discontinued
Laying yellow Lab    Inventory is low on this dog Discontinued ..
Black Laying Lab*** Discontinued
black lab lying is 1/24th scale Inventory is low  ..
Boxer is 1/24th ..
Pug **discontinued
How can you say no to that little face?   1/24th scale appearently someone could sa..
Boston Terrier*** SOLD
Boston Terrier,   This cutie is 1/24th scale and will also work in 1/12th scale ..
Springer Spaniel*** Discontinued
Springer Spaniel 1/24th scale  Discontinued     ..
laying Hound in 1/24th scale
Laying Hound ..
Bassett Hound
Bassett Hound is in 1/24th scale ..
Spaniel Sitting Black
Spaniel Sitting is 1/24th scale ..
Dalmation Standing***Discontinued
Dalmation is 1/24th scale ..
Dalmation Sitting
Dalmation Sitting is 1/24th scale  ..
Naughty *** Discontinued
Naughty dog is 1/24th scale   ..
Schnauzer in 1/24th scale
Schnauzer ..
American Cocker Spaniel, 1/24 scale
American Cocker Spaniel in 1/24 scale ..
Golden Retriever in 1/24th scale
Golden Retriever in 1/24th scale ..
German Shepard Sitting
German Shepard sitting in 1/24th scale ..
German Shepard Lying
German Shepard Lying in 1/24th scale ..
Red Corgi is 1/24th ..
Chihuahua is a bit on the larger size for 1/24th scale low in stock   ..
Kittens at Play, gray and black/white
Kittens at play in 1/24th scale. Gray & Black and white kittens ..
Laying Kitten, Brown
Brown Kitten at rest is 1/24th scale ..
Kitten at Rest, gray
Grey Kitten at rest is 1/24th scale ..
Brown kitten standing in 1/2"
Kitten standing is brown and white  and is 1/24th scale ..
Kitten Standing black and white
Kitten Standing   Black and White ..
Orange kitten standing
Kitten Standing Orange ..
Kitten Standing, socks 1/24"
Standing Kitten socks  Black and White ..
Persian Kitten in 1/24th scale
White Persian kitten is a puff ball of cuteness. ..
Cat Standing, gray
Gray Cat  in 1/24 scale ..
Cat Standing, socks 1/2 scale
Socks is a black and white cat standing proud at 1/24th scale ..
Cat Sitting, gray
Gray Sitting Cat ..
Pouncing Cat black and white
Black and white pouncing cat in 1/24th.   ..