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Half Inch

All of the products listed in Half Scale Building Supplies are indeed 1/24th scale.  1/24th is also known as 1/2"  or half inch.   It's all the basically same scale 1/24, 1/2, half inch and half inch scale.  If an item is a bit larger or smaller than 1/24 I'll note it on the product description.  Remember, half scale windows can look great at attic windows in a one inch house.  


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Bath tub, 1/2"
plastic, white tub is ready for paint or use as is.  This tub has no base or feet ..
Bead and Board Hollow/Wainscot, 1/24
1/8" space between bead.   More detail than the board and batten.  More detailed p..
Bead Board
quarter inch bead.   works well as wainscot and cabinetry ..
Black and White tile, 1/2
Classic Black and White glossy, embossed cardstock.  cuts well with straight edge and applie..
Black Diamond Tile, 1/2
black diamond pattern on glossy, embossed cardstock makes this easy to apply to walls or floor.&n..
Blue and White Tile, 1/2
blue and white glossy, embossed cardstock applies white Weldbond brand white glue or tacky. ..
Blue Diamond Tile Sheet, 1/2
White tile with blue diamond shape between.  applies with Weldbond Brand white glue or ..
Brass screw eyes, 12pk
brass screw eyes 12/pk measure  3/16"w x 7/16"l ..
Brick Fireplace, 1/24
resin fireplace.   paintable and sand able. ..
Chair rail, crb-8
Clear Plastic Sheets 0.015 by 8.5 by 11 inches
you get two pieces of this  thin and flexible plastic in which to create windows, doors or e..
Clear Plastic Sheets 0.030 by 8.5 by 11 inches
you get two pieces of this  thin and slightly flexible plastic in which to create windows, d..
cove, 1/8"
molding is 1/8"x 24" ..
Crown, half scale
1/4" x 24" ..
Delft Tile Sheet, 1/2
For use on wall or floor these glossy, embossed, cardstock tile sheets are easy to use ..
Farmhouse finished, half scale
This farmhouse is finished and ready to move in.   The shingles are painted gray which ..
Faucet set, half scale
Tap and waste from Dijon Miniatures.  ..
fishscale shingles, 400pcs 1/24
approx 400 pcs in bag.   Use Instant Gripp to apply. ..
Flower Tile, 1/2
beige background with flowers in the same glossy, embossed cardstock.  6 x 3 1/2 size and ap..
Handrail, 1/2 scale
12 inch wood handrail matches the handrail on staircase kit hwh7000   1 pc each ..
Hinge no.5
Finally!!!   Back in stock!    measures 3/16 x 3/16"  2 hinges per ..
Latex Common Brick Sheet, 1/24th
This latex sheet is 11"x 17" and can be cut easily with craft knife or scissors ..
Picture Frame 902
All picture frame is 24 inches long.   Uses include chair rail or as a picture frame.  ..
Round brass tube, 1/16 by 12"
Brass tube has inside dimension of 1/16 inch and is 12 inches in length. Sold per tube   Mos..
small check no-wax floor
7-3/4 X 10-3/8 ..
Small Scallop Gingerbread
 1/4"H x 1/16"D x 24"L ..
Square shingles, Half scale
approx 400 pcs in bag.   Use Instant Gripp to apply. ..
Wainscot, 1/24th
Board and Batten works well for wainscot in half scale. ..
White tile, 1/2
White Tile is ebossed and glossy as the others offered.  Just difficult to show details in p..
Chair rail molding, 3/16"
3/16" x 24"  suitable for half scale chair rail as well.   Classic or Northeastern..
Flagstone, 1/24th
Latex flagstone pattern is easy to cut ..
Herringbone brick, 1/24th latex sheet
latex herringbone pattern sheet  ..
Brick Sheet, 1/24th
latex brick pattern sheet ..
Staircase, 1/24"
straight staircase with railing and spindles ..
railing, 1/24"
use inside or out of your miniature house ..
Spindles 1/24th
12 pcs  1/24" scale spindles ..
Stair spindles, 1/24th
12 pcs ..
Newel Post, 1/24th
6 posts ..
Veranda Posts, 1/24"
 Veranda, Porch or gazebo  or interior decor ..
Louver shutters, 1/24th
one pair ..
Cedar Shingles, 1/24th
fish scale cedar shingles age naturally and beautifully on your project.    apply with ..
Clapboard siding, 1/8"
1/8" x24"  1 pc ..
1/4" Clapboard
24" 10 pk also sold in single piece ..
Clapboard siding, 1/16
1/16"x24"    1 pc ..
Slate floor Paper, 1/24th
1/24 scale slate pattern floor covering paper. ..
Window and door casing, 1/2 scale
the image is not to scale.  sold by piece or package of 6 $3.50 ..
Baseboard molding, half scale
half scale baseboard is 24 inches in lenght and 1/4 inch wide  This baseboard molding..
Mortar mix, gray
mortar mix is used between stone, brick and tile and it's already mixed.  dries light g..